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ProxyListPro is a simple and completely free web proxy service. Perfect for those looking to bypass censorship restrictions and/or looking to browse the internet privately, anonymously and securely.
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Terms of Use
The following service is provided to you as it is and it does not include any sort of warranty. Those agreeing to use the following service understand that they wish to do so at their own risk. We do not take any kind of responsibility for any indirect or direct damages that might arise as a result of using the said service. Users also understand that the service allows indirect browsing of third party websites. We cannot be held liable for any content mentioned on these third party websites that might be accessible by using the said service. Any third party website that can be accessed and/ or viewed from the following service is in no way associated or owned by this website.
The term 'indirect browsing' has been used in reference to the service used by the user to connect. The main difference between direct and indirect browsing is that indirect browsing allows the user to connect to our server while direct browsing allows user to connect to the server that provides the resources which are requested by the user. All our script does is that it downloads the requested resource and forwards it to the user requesting for the said resource. If users use a non-default IP address to generate a request, the requests are routed through an extra 'proxy' server which is operated by us.
Our service reserves the right to modify any resource that is downloaded by using our service. The resources include (but are not limited to) all web pages, files and images. The modifications made by our service includes (but are not limited to) the editing of URLs to allow the requested resources to be available for direct download. We take no responsibility towards the reliability or the accuracy of the above mentioned process as it is impossible for our service to catch every reference to an external resource and then convert the said reference into a format that can be accessed indirectly. This particularly holds true for all resources which are referenced with the help of JavaScript.
All users using our service agree and understand that we take no responsibility for any of the resources that have not been accessed indirectly. Moreover, we take no guarantees that users might receive an entirely accurate and valid representation of the requested resource. One of the biggest side effects of indirect browsing is anonymity. Therefore, our service allows users to hide their IP address. While our service tries its best to hide the identity of the user in order to maintain the anonymity, we take no guarantees that this can be achieved in each and every circumstance.
When users download a particular resource, it might reference them to other resources that are automatically downloaded by the browsers. Despite the fact that our service tries to reroute each and every request, it might not be entirely possible or successful all the time.
We also encrypt the URL of your target resource and place it within the requested URL that is seen by your own web browser. This is done in the most secure manner as we attempt to use unique ciphers and secure connections for all our user sessions. However, we cannot be held liable if a third party manages to decrypt our encryptions or assume that the resource was accessed directly.
All users agreeing to use our service are subjected to this instant Terms of Use. By using the said service, users agree to be bound by the terms mentioned in the said Terms of Use. We also assume that those using our service have read and understood our privacy policy and disclaimers (added to this instant Terms of Use by way of reference).
We also reserve the right to change or modify our Terms of Use without any prior notice. Users agree to go through our Terms of Use from time to time to make themselves aware of any changes to the said terms. Users understand that any breach of our Terms of Use might lead us to reporting the user to the concerned third party.
  • Users are forbidden from using our service for unlawful activities that include (but are not limited to) downloading or browsing illegal content, threatening, abusing or harassing third parties or sharing copyrighted intellectual property.
  • Users are not allowed to access blogs, websites or forums with the purpose of posting spam or direct and/ or indirect advertisements.
  • Users are not allowed to access the web mails services for sending unsolicited emails or spam.
  • Users are not allowed to use our service to abuse any third party services that may be available on our website.
  • Users are not allowed to try to get unauthorized access to any account, website or service using processes which include (but are not limited to) cracking and/ or hacking.
A breach of any of these terms on the part of the user shall account for a breach of our Terms of Use and we reserve the right to report the concerned user to the appropriate third party and/ or parties.